How to Start an Ecommerce Business With Little Money

So, you need to get your great idea for a business of the ground without spending a lot of cash to do so? Are there some easy ways to get your dropshipping business moving with little monetary investment? The answer is yes and we will give a rundown in this article.

Little money? No problem!

Should I use Shopify of Just a WordPress Store?

If your aren’t very computer savvy, you might want to use Shopify over WordPress. Why? Shopify is a successful online market place platform that allows you to customize the look and feel of your online store with little web development knowledge. You can also easily intergrate various dropshipping vendors to get your store packed with those store items that you know will sell fast.

You can have your shop set up quickly with Shopify and be selling products in little or no time. Shopify offers a free trial and allows you get your business going while paying nothing initially. After the trial period you need to pay a monthly fee. The fees for using Shopify are often more than just using wordpress.

Starting with a WordPress Dropshipping Site

If you have some website development experience you may want to consider using a WordPress website. WordPress is an open source application. What does that mean for your new dropshipping superstore? A wordpress website will give you access to ton of creative resources.

These resources will not only help you set up an online dropshipping business quickly and easily, you will also be able to insure your website is totally optimized for people shopping online to find your site. The resources, called plugins, are creative software applications that you can pick or choose from to help customize and perfect your online store.

So, it really depends on how comfortable you feel with using the different WordPress plugins and software if you pick WordPress for your dropshipping business.

Keeping Your Dropshipping Business Costs Down

Using either Shopify or a WordPress platform can start to get expensive. Sure, there are always the less expensive or free versions of these applications that entice you in the beginning. As your business develops the more advanced options can cost you with both platforms. Remember to keep your dropshipping business simple.

Often, you won’t need the paid version of software to see your business begin to grow. After you see some success make sure you do your research when improving on the software that you need to support that growth. You can waste a ton of money and time on features you really don’t need. Be careful when spending on software improvements.

Save Money on Advertising

When you start advertising look to use free options, initially. There are a ton of social media platforms that will allow you to reach people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Find people that you know in your socia media outlets that will support your new online business.

Talk to them about sharing your new business to help you get the word out. Remember that you need to reach real people who oftentimes don’t like advertising. Consider finding a solution to a problem when marketing a product, rather than just selling. If people can support what you are offering and feel that the product is truly useful, you will have a much more successful, less costly, social media advertising experience.

When you start advertising look to use free options, initially. There are a ton of social media platforms that will allow you to reach people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Find people that you know in your socia media outlets that will support your new online business. Talk to them about sharing your new business to help you get the word out. Remember that you need to reach real people who oftentimes don’t like advertising. Consider finding a solution to a problem when marketing a product, rather than just selling.

If people can support what you are offering and feel that the product is truly useful, you will have a much more successful, less costly, social media advertising experience.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays online opportunities have increased making it easier for people to work from home. Starting a business is one of those opportunities and can be done in any one of the several options available to choose from. One of those options is affiliate marketing which involves selling of products and getting a commission. Most online stores offer such opportunities and it is often a good business that is easy to start and doesn’t require a lot of money as capital. For this type of business to flourish, you need to have the right marketing strategies that will allow you to get above your competitors.

It is further divided into two major categories which are high affiliate marketing and low affiliate marketing. Each of these has different requirements together with the advantages and disadvantages that you should know before settling on one.

Advantages of High Ticket Offers

One of the advantages that high ticket affiliate marketing has over low ticket one is higher commission rates. Those who participate in this business always have to sell products with higher price ranges which leads to better commission rates.

For example, you could promote this massive water slide that sells for $10,000 and get an 8% commission, earning you a whopping $800 As such, this business can help you reach your target sooner than a low ticket affiliation can. You only have to sell a few products to meet your targeted income. This also means that it provides a better opportunity for you to make it a full-time job. unlike in most cases when low ticket affiliate marketing only suffices as a part-time income opportunity, the higher ticket one can give you a substantial income which will be able to cater for all your needs.

Another advantage is that it consumes less energy than the low ticket affiliate. With the latter, you will be required to use a lot of resources and energy in getting people to like your products. This means you may have to employ other people to drive traffic to the products you have as a marketing bid. You end up spending a lot of money, time and energy on something that doesn’t reap as many benefits as it should. A higher ticket is simpler with higher chances of getting you the desired results with a little less effort and time.

Disadvantages of High Ticket Affiliate Offers

Like everything else, this type of affiliate marketing also has disadvantages with the major one being the higher capital requirement. You have to invest more money which comes at a higher risk. In case you fail to sell the products you could lose all the money you put in. another disadvantage is that it may be more difficult to get clients. While you only need to make a few sales, it can be difficult to get people who prefer high-end products.

Despite the merits of the high ticket affiliation programs, you still need the right strategies to help you succeed. You need to start by getting a good customer base and maintaining that list by engaging with them frequently. You also need to get into the right programs such as those that have recurring opportunities. Another tip is to have automated systems such as an emailing system to help you communicate with your clients better.


This type of affiliate marketing can become your full-time business and help you live comfortably. You have to work hard at it and remain dedicated in order to be more successful.

Making Money Online Working From Home

Today we’re going to talk about how you can make money online while working from home.  Many people dream of this because they’re tired of their day job.  So it’s no wonder that everyday new entrepreneurs sprout up from the woodwork.

The work involved can be very tedious but in the end if you are willing to put in the time, it can be very financially rewarding.  You’ll need to choose what type of online business you will want to get into.  For example, do you want to sell physical products online, or would you prefer to sell digital products?

Which Business Model is Best?

Both can be very lucrative.  Both of these models also do take a lot of work, time, effort and some investment.  One of the easiest ways to get started is to create a Youtube channel and start selling products on your channel.  It helps to actually have the product in your home so that you can show this to your viewers.  For example, take a look at your kitchen to see what products may be available online for you to market.  If you have a blender for example, that you’ve recently purchased, you can go on Amazon and look for the product to see if it is still available for sale.  You would then need to set up an Amazon Associates account so that you can collect commissions from the sale of this product.

Youtube Reviews for Affiliate Marketing

What you are essentially doing here is making a quick video review of the product and placing your link in the description box below.  This business model is known as affiliate marketing.  It is one of the most easiest ways to get started because there is very little investment involved.  In this case then I just mentioned there is no investments because you have the product already and making a video is free.  If there are other products that you would like to market that you don’t have, you could technically order them online and make videos.

Affiliate Marketing Blog Strategy

The next step here would be to start a blog.  Essentially you would be doing the same as above but in written format on your website.  This does require a small investment for a domain name and hosting.  Once your blog you set up you should share it on social media and use other SEO tactics to get traffic to your blog.  You could also join forums in the related niche and post your links there.

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable but it does take time if you’re looking to build an audience in rank highly in the search engines.  The other option is to use paid ads, like Facebook ads and Google AdWords ads.  This of course is the more expensive option but the results will be much quicker.  You should always include some kind of email campaign so that you can capture these customers before they leave your website.


In this business model you would set up an online store using the platform like Shopify.  Here you would find products from vendors that you buy very cheaply but mark the price up several 100% and list these on your store.

Drop Shipping in E-Commerce

This model is called drop shipping where you don’t store it any inventory because you purchase the product just as your customers order it from the website.  The manufacturer or retailer will then send the product directly to your customer.  The customer is unaware where it came from and only assumes that it came from your store directly.

This type of business model definitely requires on average more investment than with affiliate marketing.  Facebook ads are commonly used for the drop shipping model.  Profits are usually not as high as in affiliate marketing and range around the 20% mark.  However, if you can scale your store, it can become very profitable.

Buying a Course and Checking Out Reviews First

If you have no experience in any online business you will need to gain some knowledge.  The best way to do this is to purchase a course online.  You could also watch some free videos on Youtube for instruction but most of the time you will only get brief information.  If you do find a course that you like, you should always check to see if there are any of reviews on this online course. A good resource to use is where you can find many affiliate marketing and e-Commerce courses that have already been reviewed.  Getting a good review is essential to your success because you need to learn from someone that is a professional in the line of business that you are looking to pursue.  There are many inexperienced people out there that create courses which her complete trash.  That’s why getting a review from an experienced marketer will help you decide.


As you can see, working from home can be a rewarding and satisfying experience.  This is especially true when the money starts rolling in.  This enables you to have the freedom to work wherever you want in the world.  All you need is your laptop and a little bit of motivation.

Hot Soft Reviews Mission Statement

Our goals with this site is to bring value to our readers. All of us have had certain degrees of success with online marketing and understand how difficult it can be to develop a successful marketing campaign.

Since the online world is a constant evolution, you need to keep on top of what is working now.  If you read old and outdated information you could be doing more harm than good.  You need to know the most current and understand what is working.

This is our promise to you.  We will to constant research and relay this information to our readers.  We will not just write about it but will test these tactics in our own online marketing businesses.  We won’t ever reveal what business we do but we will share with you the strategies that we use that have seen success for our own personal endeavors.

You can also follow other internet marketing blogs and make some comparisons with what they teach. Make sure it is up to date and then compare it to what we have to say.  Internet Marketing although may seem simple to some, it can be very confusing to newbie marketers.

Your education is essential to learning how to make money online and this is the first step.  Without a solid foundational structure, your ability to succeed will take much longer.  Once you have the basics in your head and you understand your game plan then you can push forward.

This is the main focus that we will take to drive you to achieve success.


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